April 2, 2007


My previously sweet, angelic boy has become a monster. Two days ago, he would play quietly while I did something - make dinner, fold laundry, perform basic hygiene...

Now, he must be held constantly. And whether he's being held or not, he must shriek at decibels unfit for the human ear.

Dinner is now sandwiches I can put together while wearing him in his sling and listening to him scream. I haven't showered today, and I don't remember when I last brushed my teeth.

I know the enemy - teething. And I am powerless to fight it.

Expectant mothers fear labor. Ha! I laugh to think of the 16 hours of labor I endured to bring him into this world. That was the easy part.

No - the hard part is the teeth.

The damned teeth that are


RybugsMomma said...

Hi Viv! It's ssaunders1187 from SC! I just started reading your blog and your so funny!
I am going through teething now, and we go through days of nightwaking and then the gums stop swelling and the bumps that were there disapear!! UGH!!!

VivC said...

Teething is the cruelest part of parenting. Seriously.