August 9, 2009

Night-time Walks

In the winter, when days are short, we barricade ourselves indoors at night, awaiting the sun. Not so in the summer. In the summer, nights are something to be savored.

This summer, Dom and I have begun a new tradition - night-time walks. Several times each week, we grab our flashlights and explore our neighborhood. We have discovered that the babbling creek across the street looks far different at night. We have made new friends, too - the deer, raccoons and foxes who stay hidden during the day. We have caught frogs and lightning bugs, and we have sat quietly on a bench, listening to the crickets, the breeze and the bats flying overhead.

The best part of our night-time walks, though, is that without the distractions of TV, toys and computer, we are more focused on each other. I have discovered that my boy is as bright, funny and charming as I had always hoped. And he has discovered that his Mommy values him enough to just be with him.

I pray that this tradition continues throughout Dom's childhood, and that it is one he will carry over into his own family someday. And, who knows? Perhaps these walks will continue into those long, dark winter nights...

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