March 13, 2011

You are a superhero...from The SPD Blogger Network

I'm going to stalk this blog from now much of it sounds familiar!

I'm currently battling with the insurance company over whether Dom's SPD/ADHD/ASD-like issues should be handled as medical or behavioral (which makes a huge difference in my out-of-pocket, and I already had to go out of pocket nearly $700 for the diagnosis). My insurance will change in June, so we may have to wait until then to begin our therapy process.

Since the diagnosis, I have been so focused on the negatives - will Dom ever have any friends, will he always be the freaky kid who can't deal with loud noises or water or certain things touching him, will he ever uncling himself from my ass - that I haven't really thought of the positives. In my defense, it's hard to think of positives when a drop of water hitting your kid's face causes an hour-long tantrum...or when you have to leave church because the music's too loud and your kid is about to melt down (yes, that was us this morning, and no, my son is not a brat).

Dom is smart. He has an amazing memory. He notices little details other people don't. He is so precise when he's doing something. He throws himself into everything he does, and he constantly has "projects" going on (currently we're investigating space, but the bus obsession is still going strong). When he is interested in something, his focus is incredible. He is so literal that it is often hysterical.

In short, this isn't all bad, and I needed to be reminded of that.

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